Yong Bao is a large Chinese tender engine, who took part in the Great Railway Show. He competed in the best decorated engine competition.


Television Series

Before the events of The Great Race, Yong Bao once cleverly diverted an accident saving hundreds of passengers. For this, he was repainted in bright new colours.

Yong Bao was invited to take part in the Great Railway Show, and he and the other eleven engines who would be competing in the events travelled to the Mainland by ship. However, the ship made a stop at Sodor by mistake, and he had to board the ship once again almost immediately.

Once arriving at the Great Railway Show, Yong Bao competed the best decorated engine event against James, Emily, Rajiv and Carlos. In the end, Rajiv was the winner of the event. After the show, Yong Bao left the Mainland and returned to his home country, China. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits

Not much is known about Yong Bao, however, it said that he is kind, faithful and full of life. He is driven to achieve and make progress.

Technical Details

Yong Bao is based off of China Railways RM 4-6-2, designed by the Sifrang Locomotive Works. This class of locomotive was the last steam passenger design in China. They were developed in the late 1950s and became the standard passenger class. The class, numbered RM 1001 to 1258, entered service in 1958 and a total of 258 were built before production ceased in 1966. They were gradually displaced from servie in the 1970s by engines who were more suited to pulling heavier trains. Two have been preserved, the pioneer, RM 1001 can be seen in the Beijing Railway Museum and RM 1163 is located in Aioi, Japan.

Yong Bao's boiler is painted red with yellow stripes. His bufferbeam and running plate is painted green. These three colours are said to be the luckiest colours in China. His smoke deflectors are painted black, lined with gold bands. Atop his funnel is the face of a dragon. His name is painted on his cab door in yellow. His tender is painted red and has a tiger which incites a sense of awe and admiration. The tiger is full of life and embodies the spirit of being driven to achieve and make progress, like Yong Bao. His wheels are painted red with white lining.