Vicarstown is a small town on the eastern side of the Island of Sodor. In the television series, a large station is located here, whereas the large station was taken down and replaced with a smaller one in the Railway Series.

History Edit

Railway Series Edit

The North Western Railway built their terminus station and headquarters here in 1915, however, after an agreement with the LMS Railway in 1925, NWR trains were permitted to stop in Barrow-in-Furness. Due to this, there was no need for such a large station, and a smaller station replaced the grand terminus. This station was built for the engines operating the car ferry service, and the turntable was relocated at Barrow. The headquarters for the railway was subsequently moved to Tidmouth.

Television Series Edit

Vicarstown had been mentioned several times throughout the CGI era, however, the first full appearance of Vicarstown was in The Great Race.

Vicarstown was where Thomas not only learned about Gordon and Flying Scotsman being brothers, but also about the Great Railway Show as a whole. The engines participating in the show later passed through Vicarstown on their way to the show, and Thomas had to rush through the station on his way to give Gordon his safety valve. (TVS; The Great Race)

Workings and Site Edit

Vicarstown Station is situated well above the rest of the town. It is the final station on the Island of Sodor, making it one of the most highly trafficked stations on the island. On either side of the station are bridges that bring the track back to ground level. The station and it's 8 platforms, all of which are through platforms, are covered by a large canopy held up by iron girders, whilst the signal gantries lie just outside the station. Staircases are located on each platform in order for commuters to get in and out of the station.

In the television series, Vicarstown Sheds, the Dieselworks, the Vicarstown Goods Depot, a Viaduct and the Vicarstown Bridge are located close to the main town. The town beneath the station is quite extensive, with multiple roadways. Tram tracks can also be seen on the streets below the station.

The engines that mainly use the station are Henry, Gordon, James, Donald and Douglas, pulling both passengers and goods. Engines from the Mainland, such as Connor, Caitlin and Flying Scotsman use the station to bring passengers to and from Sodor. Thomas occasionally pulls the local to Vicarstown.