Ulfstead Castle is a very old castle located near the outskirts of Ulfstead, and serves as the home of the Duke of Sodor. The castle is on loan to the Island Record Office.


Television Series

In the olden days of Sodor, King Godred used to reside in the castle. His crown was put on display inside the castle, but one night, a group of thieves stole the crown and hid it in a chest, which they placed in the mine below the castle. The castle was later abandoned and fell into disrepair.

Centuries later, Sir Robert Norramby, the Earl of Sodor, returned to Sodor and decided to reopen the castle as a tourist attraction, using his privately-owned railway to take visitors around the castle grounds. With the help of the North Western Railway and Jack, work on the castle was soon completed, and the Earl reopened the castle to the public. (TVS; King of the Railway)

Sometime later, the Earl decided to build a dinosaur park on the castle grounds, and he ordered a shipment of dinosaur models from the Mainland. (TVS; Marion and the Dinosaurs) Once when the dinosaur park was done, the Earl opened it to the public. (TVS; Millie and the Volcano)

Workings and Site

Ulfstead Castle is situated atop of a large mountain, which sits near a huge lake. Both the North Western and Skarloey Railways must run up a steep incline to reach the top of the mountain. The castle has a station outside the castle, which is made up of three platforms, as well as a crane. The inside of the castle has several sidings, a large turntable, and a station with a glass roof over it. There is a dried-up moat just outside the entrance to the castle, with a drawbridge that can be raised and lowered to allow engines to enter the castle.

The castle is served by a dual-gauged estate railway, which is used for taking visitors around the castle grounds or for maintenance duties on the estate. The castle has its own wildlife park area which is home to many animals, including a deer that Luke once befriended and brought to the castle. This park is tended to by a groundskeeper, who lives in his own lodge on the estate.

Stephen and Millie both live and work at the castle, where they take visitors around or help the Earl with maintenance. Other engines have worked at the castle as well, such as Luke, Samson and Harvey.