The Second Red Engine is an engine who appeared in The Three Railway Engines.


The Railway Series

When Henry stuck himself in a tunnel, this engine was called to help push him out, which he failed to do so.

He/she was later seen puffing through a station next to Henry.

Personality and Traits

it is not known what his/her personality is, although he/she did try to push Henry out of tunnel without complaining, so perhaps he/she is helpful.

Technical Details

Although there is no definite basis for him/her, his/her resemblance to James suggests that he/she may be a L&YR Class 28 with an added front pony truck.

He/she is painted red with black and gold lining, with a red dome, red wheels, and white running board. In Henry the Green Engine he had a gold dome.



  • This character was created in response to letters that Wilbert Awdry had received about why James had appeared in The Sad Story of Henry before his introduction in Thomas the Tank Engine. Wilbert responded by claiming that it was a different character altogether, and not James.
  • The engine's appearance in Henry the Green Engine is not confirmed, as the similar-looking James was well-established by now. The red wheels suggest that it may be this engine however.
  • In the television series adaptation of The Sad Story of Henry, the red engine was replaced by Thomas. Ironically, in The Adventure Begins, James, the very engine the red engine was mistakenly illustrated as, took the red engine's place.