Shane is a big Australian engine who was a participant in The Great Railway Show. He took part in the strongest engine competition.


Television Series

Shane was invited to be a part of the Great Railway show, and along with the eleven other competitors, was transported to The Mainland by ferry. The ship accidentally stopped on Sodor first, and almost as soon as he and the other engines had gotten off the ship, was swiftly ordered back on to it.

At the railway show, Shane competed against Henry, Vinnie, Frieda and Hiro in the strongest engine competition. The outcome of this event is not known.

Personality and Traits

Not much is known about Shane, but it has been said that Shane loves to have fun and his carefree ways have made him many friends on his long journey to the Great Railway Show.

Technical Details

Shane is based on the South Australian Railways 520 class. The real engine carrying this number is currently preserved. Shane has also been modified to run on British railways, having been scaled down from broad gauge to standard gauge and a screwlink coupling and buffers have been added to the back of his tender.

Shane's livery is identical to his basis, with teal and yellow lining. His number is painted in white above his face, and the initials of his railway are painted on his tender in yellow. His wheels and cowcatcher are black.