Rajiv is a small Indian tank engine, who takes part in the Great Railway Show. He participates in the best decorated engine parade.


Television Series

Rajiv was invited to participate in the Great Railway Show, and he and the other eleven engines who would be competing in the events travelled to the Mainland by ship. However, they made a wrong stop at Sodor by mistake, and Rajiv and the other engines were forced to go back on when they discovered this.

In the Great Railway Show, Rajiv competed in the best decorated engine parade alongside James, Emily, Yong Bao and Carlos. Rajiv was declared the winner of the event, and after the Great Railway Show ended, Rajiv left the Mainland and returned to India. (TVS; The Great Race)

Technical Details

Rajiv is based on the "Fairy Queen", a 2-2-2 tank engine built by Kitson and Company in Leeds, England in 1855 for the East Indian Railway Company. The engine has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest-operating steam locomotive still in service. However, Rajiv is scaled down from 5ft6in (broad gauge) to 4'8½" (standard gauge), making him considerably smaller than his actual basis.

Rajiv's cab, wheel arches and smokebox are painted navy blue, and his boiler is painted black with gold boiler bands. His dome is brass, and his footsteps and part of his cab are painted yellow. The middle portion of his funnel is painted in the colours of the Indian flag - green, white and orange - while the lower portion is painted sky blue. He carries a gold, crown-like decoration on top of his funnel, and his bufferbeam is painted red with yellow lining. He also has gold and red tinsel hanging from his cab to his funnel as well as his running board.