Neil is a Scottish dark green tank engine with an unusual box-like shape, who used to work on the Sodor & Mainland Railway.


The Railway SeriesEdit

Neil was present at the Kirk Ronan harbour when Skarloey was being unloaded from the ship he had been transported on. After Skarloey was loaded onto the flatbed, Neil took him to Crovan's Gate to start work on the Skarloey Railway. Neil befriended Skarloey quickly, and he told him about the work he would have to do on his new line. (RWS; Very Old Engines)

After the other standard gauge railways on Sodor formed to become the North Western Railway, it is unknown what happened to Neil. Though it can be assumed that he has been scrapped, "Sodor: Reading Between the Lines" describes him as being a "survivor from the Sodor & Mainland Railway". This suggests that he might have been preserved.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Very little is known about Neil. However, Skarloey said that he was an "ugly" but kind engine, and he quickly became friends with him.

Technical DetailsEdit

Neil is based on the Neilson 0-4-0 box tank, which was a simple yet robust little tank engine with an unusual box-like shape and an open cab. Two of these engines used to work on the West Somerset Mineral Railway, but none survive to this day. Neil is named after the company that built him, Neilson & Co., and also speaks with a Scottish accent, reflecting his heritage.

Neil is painted dark green with "S&M 2" written on his sides in yellow and red lettering. His sanding gear and safety valve are gold, while his bufferbeams are painted red.