Ivo Hugh, named after the Skarloey Railway's former foreman, Mr. Ivo Hugh, is a young narrow gauge tank engine who works on the Skarloey Railway.


The Railway SeriesEdit

Ivo Hugh was built at the Crovan's Gate Works in 1996 to work on the Skarloey Railway, as the line needed another engine to help out with the additional traffic that had come over the years. He was named after the Chief Engineer of the Maintenance Crew, Mr. Ivo Hugh, who thought it a great honour to have an engine named after him. Mr. Hugh was the Railway's first General Manager, who helped to keep the railway running during the early preservation era.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Very little is known about Ivo Hugh, as he never spoke in his only appearance. However, some merchandise descriptions have said that he is a young and inexperienced engine who relies upon the knowledge of the older and wiser engines to get his work done correctly.

Technical DetailsEdit


Ivo Hugh is based on the Talyllyn Railway's No. 7 engine, "Tom Rolt. This engine was built in 1991 out of a 3ft gauge Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 well tank, and is the strongest and largest engine on the line. Tom Rolt is named after author L.T.C. Rolt, who inspired the Talyllyn Railway's preservation and was the line's manager for two years.

Ivo Hugh's name is a reference to his basis' name, Tom Rolt, with even the same amount of letters and words. In addition, Ivo Hugh being named after the former Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Skarloey Railway, Mr. Ivo Hugh, is a reference to Tom Rolt being named after the former Chief Mechanical Engineer, L.T.C Rolt on the Talyllyn Railway.


Ivo Hugh is painted in the Skarloey Railway's signature red livery with blue lining. His number is painted in a black circle in gold, and his name is painted on his side tanks in yellow.


  • In the television series, Ivo Hugh was replaced by Freddie as the seventh engine of the Skarloey Railway.