Ivan is a Russian diesel shunter, who took part in the Great Railway Show. He competed in the shunting challenge.


Television Series

Ivan was invited to participate in the shunting challenge at the Great Railway Show, and he and the other eleven engines who would be participating in the events travelled to the Mainland by ferry. However, when the ship stopped at Sodor by mistake, Ivan was forced back onto the ship almost as soon as he had got off.

At the Great Railway Show, Ivan took part in the shunting challenge, and competed against Thomas, Ashima, Raul and Gina. He finished second in the shunting challenge, losing to Ashima. After the Great Railway Show ended, Ivan returned to Russia. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits

Very little is known about Ivan; however, it has been stated that despite his mean-looking appearance, he is a rather charismatic and comedic engine, who always puts a smile on everyone's face.

Technical Details

Ivan is based on the TGM23 class diesel shunter, an 0-6-0 diesel engine that is used in Russia for shunting purposes. Ivan is modified to run on British railways, as he is fitted with buffers and screwlink couplings.

Ivan is painted in the colours of the Russian flag: red, blue and white. The lower half of him is painted red and the top half is painted dark blue, while a thin white line runs through the two halves. His running board and handrails are painted yellow, and his bufferbeams are painted black. His wheels are painted black with white rims and blue counterweights, and his name is painted on the sides of his cab in white lettering.


  • Ivan is painted in the colours of the Russian flag, but the white and blue bands have been swapped around. This was most likely done to make him look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ivan is the only diesel engine who competes in the Great Railway Show.