Gina is a small Italian tank engine who took part in the Great Railway Show. She participated in the shunting challenge.


Television Series

Gina was invited to participate in the shunting challenge at the Great Railway Show, and she and the other eleven engines who would take part in the events travelled on a ferry to the Mainland. However, the ship made an accidental stop on Sodor by mistake, and when the international engines had to go back, Gina ordered them back onto the ship. She was also the first to realize that one of the engines was missing from the ferry.

When she was at the Great Railway Show, Gina competed in the shunting challenge alongside Ashima, Thomas, Raul and Ivan. However, during the competition, her flatbeds were knocked over by Vinnie, who was chasing Philip through the yard. Gina ended up losing the race to Ashima and Thomas.

After the Great Railway Show ended, Gina left the Mainland and returned to Italy. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits

Not much is known about Gina, however it has been stated in descriptions of her that she is a sweet and stylish engine who can match the male engines pound for pound when it comes to shunting trucks.

Technical Details

Gina is based on the Ferrovie Nord Milano 200 0-4-0T. At least seven of these tank engines were built in 1883, and were used for light trains and shunting. One of these engines, 200-05, is still in service and pulls special trains.

Gina's livery is relatively similar to that of her basis. She is painted green with a black boiler, golden boiler bands, and a gold dome. Her running board, wheels and chassis are painted red, and her cylinders are black. She carries her name on a red nameplate in silver lettering on each side of her tanks.