Frieda is a large German tender engine who participates in the Great Railway Show, in which she competes in the strength competition.

Biography Edit

Television Series Edit

Frieda was invited to join the Great Railway Show and compete in the strength competition, and she and the other eleven engines who would be participating in the events took a ferry to the Mainland. However, the ship stopped at Sodor by mistake, and when Frieda left the ship, she and the other engines had to get back on board.

After Frieda arrived at the Great Railway Show, Thomas mistook her for Gordon, much to her annoyance. She later competed in the strength competition against Henry, Vinnie, Hiro and Shane, but the winner of the event was left unknown.

After The Great Railway Show ended, Frieda returned back to her home country. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits Edit

Not much is known about Frieda's personality, however, when Thomas confused her for Gordon, she appeared to be irritated, suggesting she may have a short temper.

Technical Details Edit

Frieda is based off Germany's DB Class 10 locomotive. Only 2 of engines of this basis were built in Germany after the Second World War in 1957, to be used for express work. They were nicknamed 'Black Swans', due to their elegant, streamlined shape. Only one of member of her class still exists, and can be viewed at the German Steam Locomotive Museum in Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg.

Frieda is painted blue with red lining. Her smokebox is painted black, whilst her boiler is painted blue. She sports smoke deflectors on either side of her smokebox and carried the German flag on both her front streamline casing and her tender. She has yellow stripes running on the both sides of her footplate and tender. She has the number 409 painted in red on both sides of her tender.

Trivia Edit

  • Frieda has the German flag painted on the sides of her streamlined casing and tender, but the red and black bands are swapped around. However, this problem does not appear on the Wooden Railway model of Frieda.