Carlos is a small Mexican tender engine, who has competed in the Great Railway Show at least two times. He took part in the best decorated engine parade during his second time of participating in the events.


When the very first Great Railway Show was held, Carlos was one of the first engines to participate in the events. Carlos competed in the strength competition against other engines, and won the event.

When Carlos was later re-invited to participate in the Great Railway Show, he accepted the offer and joined the best decorated engine parade. He travelled to the Mainland along with the other engines who would be participating in the events, but when the ship stopped at Sodor by mistake, Carlos was ordered back on the ship almost as soon as he had got off.

At the Great Railway Show, Carlos competed against James, Emily, Yong Bao and Rajiv in the best decorated engine parade, but ended up losing to the latter. Later, Carlos was taking on more coal, when he noticed Philip racing towards him. Carlos backed out of the way, but the hopper continued to pour coal out, covering Vinnie in coal dust.

After the Great Railway Show ended, Carlos left the Mainland and returned to Mexico. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and TraitsEdit

Not much is known about Carlos; however, he has been described as being a very proud and happy engine, always wearing a smile on his face.

Technical DetailsEdit

Carlos is based on the National Railways of Mexico's GR-3 class, a 2-8-0 tender locomotive class built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for use in Mexico. There is a real member of the GR-3 class with the number 903, which is Carlos' number. This engine is on display in Acámbaro in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. Carlos is also modified for use on British railways, as he is fitted with buffers and a brakepipe. His lamp is also moved from the front to the top of his smokebox in order to accommodate a face.

Carlos' livery is relatively similar to that of his basis. He is painted black, while his smokebox, bell and cowcatcher are painted silver. He has green lining around his domes and on the sides of his tender, and his cab doors, footsteps, windows and handrails are painted red. His number is painted on the sides of his lamp and cab in white, while the initials of his railway are painted on the sides of his tender.


  • Strangely, despite the fact that he competes in the best decorated engine parade, Carlos does not carry any decorations nor is he even repainted for the event.