Captain Calles, known as the Lost Pirate in a legend, was a notorious pirate who lived back in the 16th Century.


Television Series

Captain Calles became notorious for attacking and sinking merchant ships, stealing their treasures and keeping it aboard his ship. However, the Navy sided with the merchants and tracked Calles down, forcing him to run. In order to escape, Captain Calles sailed his ship into a cavern that was open to the Irish Sea, then buried his treasure somewhere near what would later become Arlesburgh. He also drew up a map so that his treasure could be uncovered later on.

According to a legend, Calles lost his map while he was sailing one evening. Ever since his death, his ghost began sailing up and down the coast, trying to find his treasure but never succeeding.

Over 400 years later, Thomas rediscovered Calles' ship when he fell into the cavern it had been hidden in, and the ship was restored and put on display at Arlesburgh Harbour. Marion also discovered his treasure chest, which was put on display at the museum, and Sailor John found his map, hoping to use it to find his treasure. (TVS; Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure)

Personality and Traits

Very little is known about Captain Calles, but like most pirates, he was an extremely greedy and tyrannical man, sinking merchant ships just to take their treasure.


  • Captain Calles' name is a pun on the word "callous", which refers to his ruthless personality and the fact that he was a pirate.