Axel is a large streamlined Belgian tender engine who participates in the Great Railway Show, where he competes in the Great Race.

Biography Edit

Television Series Edit

Axel was invited to join the Great Railway Show and compete in the the great race competition, and he and the other eleven engines who would be participating in the events took a ferry to the Mainland. However, the ship stopped at Sodor by mistake. He, along with Vinnie and Ashima led the charge of engines into Brendam, until they were stopped by the Docks Manager. Axel proclaimed they were heading to the Great Railway Show, as he thought they were on the Mainland. However, he was quickly corrected and told they were on the Island of Sodor, to which he then preceded to tell the engines to go back.

Once he and the other engines arrived at the Great Railway Show, Axel was put on the turntable as a display to be viewed by guests. He later participated in the Great Race against Flying Scotsman, Gordon, Étienne and Spencer, with the winner of the event being Étienne.

After the show, Axel returned to his home country. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits Edit

Axel is one of the most popular engines participating in the Great Railway Show. Because of this, he appears to be proud and may seem slightly self-centred.

Technical Details Edit

Axel is based off of Belgium's NMBS/SNCB Type 12 steam locomotive. Six of the locomotives were created for fast lightweight Ostend boat trains operated by the National Railway Company of Belgium. Only one of the class still remains, No. 12.004, after being brought back for the 150th anniversary of railways in Belgium. The 12.004 locomotive can be viewed in Trainworld Railway Museum at Schaerbeek near Brussels.

Axel is painted the colours of the Belgian flag; red, black and yellow, in alternating stripes. The streamlining shell begins at his smokebox and carries on to his cab. He has silver handrails on both his cab and his tender.