Étienne is a French Electric locomotive who competes in the Great Race at The Great Railway Show. He is well known for setting new speed records in his home country, France.

Biography Edit

Television Series Edit

Étienne was invited to join the Great Railway Show and compete in the Great Race, and he and the other eleven engines who would be participating in the events took a ferry to the Mainland. However, the ship stopped at Sodor by mistake, and when Étienne left the ship, he and the other engines had to get back on board.

Once arriving at the Great Railway Show, Étienne competed in the Great Race event against, Gordon, Flying Scotsman, Spencer and Axel. During the event, he and Spencer competed for first place, but in the end, he won, setting a new land speed record for railway locomotives.

After the show, Étienne returned to France. (TVS; The Great Race)

Personality and Traits Edit

Étienne's personality remains unknown.

There is no denying that electricity on the railways is the way of the future, and Étienne is a fast electric locomotive, who has been setting world speed records in his home country of France. And now this formidable engine will be looking to continue his run of good fortune in the Great Race.

Technical Details Edit

Étienne is based off of the SNCF BB 9003-9004 electric locomotive. They were built alongside the 9001 and 9002 electric engines, meaning 4 engines were built. The 9003 was the first locomotive that was remotely controlled from outside the train. On 29 March 1955, 9004 beat the rail speed record, running at 331 km/h on the Landes line between Invoice and Morcenx. The 9003 and 9004 still survive today, however, the restored engine is a mix of the two, with the body of the 9003, and the internals of the 9004.

Étienne is upper half body is mainly painted white, whilst his lower half is painted blue. The two colours are separated by a metallic strip and red lining. He has five circular windows on each side his body and two sets of two silver handrails on both of his doors and the front and rear. He carries is nameplate on two black plates with white lettering on either side of his body.

Trivia Edit

  • Étienne is the first engine in the Television Series to have a moustache. However, if you add in The Railway Series, he is the second, the first being Iron Duke.
  • Étienne is the first canary-powered electric engine to be introduced into the television series. He is also the first to be seen in the entire franchise, as the Peel Godred Engines were never seen, except for one in a railway safety book.
  • Despite being an electric powered locomotive, Ètienne has been described as a Diesel-Electric locomotive in The Great Race.